The MasterCard Worldwide Index of Consumer Confidence 2011
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The MasterCard Worldwide Index of Consumer Confidence 2011
Note: The Index is based on a survey which measures consumer confidence on prevailing expectations in the market for the next 6 months based on five economic indicators: Economy, Employment, Stock Market, Regular Income and Quality of Life.
- The Index score is calculated with zero as the most pessimistic, 100 as most optimistic and 50 as neutral.The latest survey was conducted from 15 March to 27 April 2011 and involved 10,374 consumers from 14 regional markets.

The MasterCard Worldwide Index of Consumer Confidence
from 2007 to 2009

The survey has a 14-year track record of consumer confidence indices collected from more than 135,000 interviews and is unequalled both in scope and history. Conducted bi-annually in select markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa; the survey analyzes consumers' perceptions of economic conditions over the six months ahead.  The scores, ranging from 0 to 100, are based on responses on five variables: economy, employment, regular income, stock market and quality of life - the index measures consumer confidence on prevailing expectations in the market.  A score of 50 represents the mid-point. A score above 50 indicates that consumers are optimistic about the economic climate, while a score below 50 signals that consumer are pessimistic about the economic situation.  The survey was conducted from September 1 to September 29, 2008.   According to the survey results, ten out of the 13 Asia/Pacific markets have registered an increase in consumer confidence levels as data show below.


Consumer Confidence in Country's Ecomony:
Vietnam continues to top the region’s markets as the most buoyant in consumer sentiment for the six month period ahead, followed by Hong Kong, China and Singapore, reported Mastercard. Consumer confidence in Korea is seeing a turnaround, with the market seeing a large jump in optimism -
the largest increase in Index score among all the Asia/Pacific markets

Although pessimistic,
Indonesia and Thailand (please note that this survey was conducted in September 2008) have marginally improved their consumer confidence scores compared to six months ago. Japan is much more pessimistic than it was six months ago.

Consumer Confidence in Country's Employment:
Consumers in China are showing record-high levels of optimism about employment. For consumer sentiments in Indonesia, while this had improved from six months ago, Indonesians  are still less optimistic compared to a year ago. Though consumers are less optimistic towards employment and the economy compared to six months ago, they are expecting improvements in regular income, the stock market and quality of life.  In Korea, consumers are still cautious in their outlook towards employment which seems to suggest that some lingering doubts still remain, reported Mastercard.

Consumer Confidence in Country's Regular Income: China Consumers are highly positive on all fronts, with Index scores for employment, regular income, stock market and quality of life improving from the previous six months.  For Malaysia and the Philippines, consumers are positive on all five economic factors as well, particularly consumers are most optimistic about their regular income.

In Japan, outlook on all five economic factors are less optimistic than both six months and a year ago, with a more than 20-point loss of confidence in the regular income, economy and quality of life indicators. For Thailand's sentiments towards regular income have dropped 17.1 points.

Consumer Confidence in Country's Stock Market:
Consumers in China also continue to be bullish about the stock market, while consumers in Hong Kong and Singapore, are still positive, they are reflecting a slight dip in sentiment. Philippines shows large improvements in sentiments towards the stock market. For Singapore: even though the outlook for all of the five economic indicators remains highly positive, there has been a slight dip in sentiments towards regular income, the stock market and quality of life, due to financial market volatility and rising costs of living. 

Consumer Confidence in Country's Quarlity of Life:  Malaysia's entiments towards quality of life are highly positive, with the indicator seeing a close to 10-point increase from six months ago. For Indonesia, the Index score for quality of life has increased significantly as well , by 19.2 points.

Vietnamese consumers continue to enjoy high levels of consumer confidence. However, the poll also showed that Vietnamese consumers are less optimistic for the six-month period ahead (January to June 2009) when compared to the previous six months, commented a recent edition of the Vietnam News on the result data.

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