The First Publishing of a Major Detective Series by a Living English Speaking Writer in The Chinese Language in China

Chinese Rights sold for Vincent Calvino private eye series

Canadian novelist Christopher Moore, once described by the Toronto Globe and Mail as the Hemingway of Bangkok, has sold the Chinese language rights to Spirit House and Cold Hit to Beijing based publisher China Youth Publishing House. Spirit House has been translated into German (Unionsverlag) and Japanese (Kodansha Ltd.) and the German edition of Cold Hit will be released by Swiss based Unionsverlag in Spring, 2001.

Senior officials at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, have confirmed that this is one of, if not the first,  publishing of a major detective series by a living English speaking writer in the Chinese language anywhere in China. 

Mr. Christopher Runckel, a former First Secretary at the US Embassy in Bangkok, was instrumental in brokering the rights sale. Mr. Runckel said, “The publishing of the Calvino series by the China Youth Publishing House represents a continued opening to outside ideas by China's young people. This openness is demonstrated by Chinese fascination with the Internet which is growing at a faster rate in China than anywhere else in the world.”

Mr. Runckel, who currently heads, also emphasized the positive political implications arising out of The Calvino Chinese language right sale, “The way in which the contract negotiations and signing were handled with the China Youth Publishing House readily accepting all the standard international legal protections for the author so quickly following China's WTO agreement demonstrates that Chinese companies and their government's more serious determination to improve copyright protection of intellectual property."

Christopher G. Moore, the author of 13 novels , four plays, and a Thai language book, has lived in SE Asia for a dozen years, where he collaborated on numerous projects in Bangkok with Hollywood screenwriting legend Stirling Silliphant (Oscar winner for In the Heat of the Night) who was an admirer of Moore’s A Killing Smile.

Moore's books, notably the four volume Land of Smiles series and the six volume Calvino detective series, have won him a cult following in Asia where he has been at the cutting-edge of the e-sales revolution in commerce. His web site: draws hundreds of visitors daily.

The Chinese editions of Spirit House and Cold Hit are expected to be released in 2001.

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