One-month visa available on arrival at Pochentong and Siem Reap airports. Cost: US$20 for a tourist visa and US$25 for a business visa.
Cambodia at a Glance:
country's current economic data

Currency: Riels per US dollar - 4,006 (2007), 4,103 (2006), 4,092.5 (2005)

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The average temperature is 27 degree Celsius. Cambodia has a tropical climate with 2 seasons: the rainy from May to October, the dry from November to April.
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Capital: Phnom Penh

Large Cities: Siem Reap, Preah Seihanu (Sihanoukville)

Border Countries: border countries: Laos 541 km, Thailand 803 km, Vietnam 1,228 km

Airports in Cambodia:
Country Code: 
Phnom Penh: 023

Electricity: 220V, 50Hz (unstable supply)

Weights and measures: metric

Plan Your Business Trip: Cambodia

Business Visit Support
visits to factories, industrial parks, ports, and more..

Etiquette and Travel Tips
knowing people, business meetings, and more..

Preparation and Emergency
First steps, in case of emergencies, and more..

Executive MBA Trip
Executive MBA program's visit to Cambodia

Trip Journal:
Article on Tourism in Cambodia: Tourism Industry in Cambodia

Cambodian Art:

Cambodian Food:

Khmer cuisine is similar to Thai, but with fewer spices. A Cambodian meal almost always includes a soup, and fish.  For example, grilled freshwater fish wrapped in lettuce or spinach and dipped into a nutty fish sauce.   The French influence is best seen in the daily-baked bread. Sweet dishes include sticky rice cakes and jackfruit pudding. Tap water is best avoided.  Make sure you have enough supplies of mineral watater


Runckel & Associates Service: Visit Facilitation

  • On the Ground Support
  • Site Selection, Logistics, Licenses for Building and operating Factories in Cambodia
  • Sourcing Products, Meet the companies
  • Assisting Executive MBA Programs and Business Groups

Runckel & Associates has experienced English-speaking associates on the ground in Cambodia to prepare and support your visits:  Most of these associates have been working with us for 6-8 years during which they have performed a wide variety of projects with us.  This gives you and your company experience, knowledge, a trusted partner and an advantage helping you in all aspects of your new endeavor in Asia.

Site selection and logistics during the visits:  We regularly work with the major industrial parks, national business promotion agencies and local specialists on site selection, licenses and permits.  We therefore can arrange meetings and visits that can help simplify your data collection and help ensure that you are receiving the most accurate information and are not missing key facts or failing to consider important information that can make your project more profitable and more predictable in terms of its success.

Sourcing products and visiting factories during the visits:  We are specialists in assisting companies seeking to produce products or to source products in all parts of Cambodia.  Our specialists in Cambodia can help you find the best company to produce and source your product and visit them.

Assisting Universitiy's EMBA programs and business group for trips to Cambodia: Our study tour is designed for business schools, EMBA students and business executives with a view to provide understanding of Cambodia’s business culture, business organization and management in an Asian context.  Our team of international business, diplomatic and cultural specialists has a long and rich background in Cambodia.  We arrange for lectures, company visits and tours throughout the trip to help executives better understand the challenges and the opportunities that Asia offers.

Knowing a few words of any language helps to show your business contacts and people you meet, etc., that you are interested in their country and seek more than a short-term gain.  Here are a few keywords:

Hello: Sua sday

How are you?: Naq sok sapbaay cia tee?

Please: Soom

Thank you: Ar kun

You're welcome: Soom svaakum

Excuse me: Soom Tooh

My name is: Knom cmaah

I understand: Knom yaal

I don't understand: Tee knom min yaal tee

Please wait: Soom run caam bantac

Good bye: Laa haay

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Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

Major Public Holidays

January 1     International New Year    
January 7     Victory Day on the Genocidal Regime    
March 8     International Women's Day    
April 14 - 16     Khmer New Year    
May 1     International Labor Day    
May 15     Buddha's Birth Day    
May 19     Royal Ploughing Day    
June 21     International Children's Day    
June 8     Queen's Birthday    
September 24     Constitution Day & Coronation Day    September 25     Pchum Ben (Offering to monks)   
October 23     Paris Peace Accord Day    
Oct 30 to Nov 1     King's Birthday    
Nov 7-8     Water Festival    
Nov 9     Independence Day    
Dec 10     International Human Rights Days

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