Procedures for Setting-up a Company in Cambodia

To start a business in Cambodia, investors have to follow administrative procedures (see procedure flowchart below). 

The time needed to get started depends on the nature of the planned operation and the complexity of the project. In certain circumstances, an investor can start operations within a month.

How many steps?

Step 1. Every business in Cambodia must register with the Ministry of Commerce.

Step 2. An investment project must also register with the CDC before commencing operations if it wants to benefit from incentives. The registration process is fairly straightforward; however, a large volume of documentation needs to be prepared (for example, the Memorandum and Articles of Association) in the Khmer language and submitted with the application form to register a business.

Step 3. The business also needs to register its address with City Hall. Once this is done, the business will receive a registration certificate indicating a company identification number. The process usually takes three weeks.

FDI Project Registration and Implementation Stages in Cambodia

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