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China Daily reported in late 2009, China industrial sales value of leather, fur, feather and related products increased 15.36% year-on-year in October 2009, and 8.41% in the January to October period.

The City of Leather - Haining

In China, Haining City is famous for its leather industry.  Haining is a county-level city in Zhejiang Province, China, and under the jurisdiction of Jiaxing. It is in the south side of Yangtze River Delta, and in the north of Zhejiang. According to the survey in leather production base, including Dongguan, Wenzou and Haining, the records showed Chinese leather industry started to recover. The financial crisis caused great impact on China's leather industry. Statistics show that about 1,000 enterprises in Dongguan and over 600 in Wenzhou closed, and 120 others have been in suspension in 200. After Chinese government increasing export tax rebate rate for the leather industry and light industry, China's leather industry seems to gradually be making a come back.

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Contact us for ordering leather jackets and leather products from Haining.  We do not take commission, but act as a gateway for companies that we have worked with in the past who have a good track record and that we seek to assist in rebuilding their sales and their prosperity.

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