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Below are our report for: Shanghai, Guangdong, Eastern Shandong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin and East China's Jiangsu's on New Minimum Wage Rates 2011.  (for detailed information, read our: "China Raises Minimum Wage Up To 21%")

- Guangdong: 18.2%
 The change amounted to an 18.2% rise above the city's previous minimum monthly salary of 1,100 yuan. Guangzhou's minimum hourly wage was also increased to 7.47 yuan an hour from 6.32 yuan an hour.

- Shanghai: 14%
Shanghai announced Wednesday March 3, 2011 that it would raise minimum wages by up to 14% from April 1, 2011 to help low-income families keep up with surging prices, reported Xinhua newspaper.
The hike would bring the minimum monthly wage in the city to 1,280 yuan($194) from the current 1,120 yuan, the city's government said at a press conference.

- Beijing: 21%
The minimum monthly salary in Beijing was increased to 1,160 yuan from 960 yuan in January 2011, 20.8%. The increase to 1,160 yuan ($175) a month from 960 yuan, the second boost for this year.  According to a statement from the Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the city will also raise pension and unemployment benefits, reported China Daily. Local governments are augmenting wages to head off worker unrest and help households cope with accelerating inflation, which reached a 28-month high of 5.1% in November 2010.

- Tianjin: 16%
The northern Chinese city of Tianjin  also plans to increase the minimum wage level by 16% due to rising inflationary pressures and labor shortages. The city planned to hike the minimum monthly wage to 1,070 yuan ($163) from the current 920 yuan, report the newspaper.  Tianjin last raised the minimum monthly wage by 12 percent to 920 yuan from 820 yuan in April 2010.

- Shenzhen: 20%
China's southern economic powerhouse Shenzhen will raise its minimum wage by 20%, reported Xinhua News.  The hike, effective from April 1, would bring the minimum monthly wage in the city to 1,320 yuan ($200) from the current 1,100 yuan. It is Shenzhen's largest one-time wage hike over the past 19 years, official statistics showed.

- Jiangsu: 15%
East China's Jiangsu province announced at the beginning of 2011 to lift its minimum wage standards by over 15%, raised its minimum salary level to 1,140 yuan a month (from the original RMB960), reported Xinhua News.  Second tier cities to RMB 930(from the original RMB790), and third tier cities to RMB800 (from the original RMB 670). The minimum hourly wage of first tier cities will go up to RMB9.2 (from the original RMB7.8), second tier cities to RMB7.5 (from the original RMB6.4), and third tier cities to RMB6.5 (from the original RMB5.4

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