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Site Selection - Industrial Parks and Zones

Investors Interested in Agriculture Projects in Cambodia

Cambodia has quietly started to turn up on the agendas of major agriculture, ethanol, bio-diesel, sugar and other producers and forest plantation growers as an attractive and interesting site to locate projects. 

Why Cambodia for Investment?
The short answer is low wages, liberal government policy on business, access to larger markets, and a country that offers extensive opportunities for tourism. The large markets are a function of location and access to AFTA described in this article.  Cambodia also has preferential access to the lucrative European and North American markets through its status as one of the least developed countries (LDC)

  Industries in Cambodia

Investment by Sectors

  Industry 35%
  Services 34%
  Tourism 23%

More Statistics Data, click here

Cambodia and the WTO - Seven Impacts on Cambodia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Implementation and Management of the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP)

Encourage Investment Activities:

Agriculture and agro-industry | Transport and telecommunications | infrastructures | Energy and electricity sectors | Labor-intensive industries and export-oriented processing and manufacturing | Tourism-related industries | Human resource development | Mining

Table of Comparison with Other Asian Countries

- GDP Growth Rate
- Inflation Rate
- Export Growth & Direction
- Import Growth
- Foreign Direct Investment
- Rules and Regulations
- Safety and Security
- Health and Hygiene
- Environmental Awareness
- FTAs with East and SEAsia
- Exchange Rate
 - Public Sector Corruption in Asia - 2007
Tourism Industry:

Tourism Industry in Cambodia

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Costs of Doing Business in Cambodia: Our Table of Invesment Comparison of five countries in Asia

Costs of Investment: Comparing Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Laos

Company Registration and Investment Incentives in Cambodia

Company Registrations in Cambodia: procedures and list of documents required

  • Cambodia Infrastructure
Ports in Cambodia three main international ports in Cambodia are: Sihanoukville on the Gulf of Siam, Phnom Penh on the Mekong river, and the provincial port of Koh Kong.

New International Airport

Grant for Reforms from The Asian Development Bank

Cambodia is Building Transmission Lines

  • International Rails
The Singapore - Kunming Rail Link (SKRL) - Connecting domestic rail networks to form a continuous link from Singapore to Kunming in China, including Cambodia

Trans-Asia Rail Link - A long link between China, various countries in Asia (including Cambodia) and Russia

Cambodia Companies Directory:
 (Source: Cambodia Ministry of Commerce)

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