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 Government Webpage

Thailand Official Home Page, click here

Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), click here

Prohibition by law not to bring any of the following items into Thailand.
More information from Customs Department, click here

Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Commerce attempts to promote the countries products, attract investment and regulate business.  Generally Thai seek investment and the opening of foreign manufacturing and other projects because it expands employment, increases trade and tax revenues.  You may want to use the Ministry to check the information you are getting from other sources and to contact as a source of further data.

Click here for Ministry of Commerce.

Click here for Department of Industrial Promotion

First Contacts
  Information on Visa
Information on Visa:  U.S. Department of State Information on Passport and Visa: Click here

How to get a work permit: Living and Working in Thailand on a Long Term Basis

  Your Embassies in Thailand
Embassies can be an ally in helping you: 

For Thai Exporter:  learn more about the market in those countries, research opportunities and act as a last resort in case of problems that need political support.

For Importer to Thailand:
  learn about  market in Korea through research and data collected. Seek for emergency help, etc.

Click here for the country list
 Thai Embassy in your Country

Foreign embassies also view promotion of trade and investment as major goals.  You should contact the country's Embassy, particularly the country's Commercial Counselor for help on researching your business plan.

Click here for Thai  embassy in your country.

Click here Thai embassy in the US

Chambers of Commerce

American Chamber of Commerce
Most countries in Asia have U.S. Chambers of Commerce made up of member U.S. companies doing business in that country.  Typically large Chambers of Commerce have a hired staff person who acts as the Executive Director.  Smaller Chambers may have only a volunteer staff.  American Chambers of Commerce often are good sources of information on the ease or difficulty in doing business in the target country.  Oftentimes they can refer you to members who have detailed insight into set-up problems, the incidence of corruption in the host country or other challenges.  Oftentimes the target country will have its own chamber of commerce which is seeking to promote business and investment in their country.  These Chambers which represent the target country can also be helpful.

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