Central Vietnam: Industrial Parks in Danang

Map of Danang's investment and business area

In Danang there are five main industrial zones: Danang, Hoa Khanh, Lien Chieu, Hoa Cam and Danang Seafood Services zone with a total land area of more than 1,300 hectares. The infrastructure in the Danang industrial parks has been improved to provide basic conditions for local and foreign investors. the city of Danang is now encouraging foreign investors to develop the infrastructure of a new industrial zone at Hoa Khuong commune with a land area of 300 hectares.   

Danang Industrial Zone

Location: 7km south of Tien Sa seaport, 7km and 2km east of Danang International Airport and the center of the city respectively

Total land area: 49.99 ha


- Power supply: 110KV/22KV with available power of 20MW
- Water supply: available with SonTra water tank capacity up to 15,000 m3/day
- Telecommunication: The French INTERSAT satellite system is used in Danang IZ. The telecommunication system is modern and available to meet investors'''' requirements.

Industries calling for investment:

- Garments, leather foot-wear, hand bags and other products made of leather or leatherette (except for leather tanning)
- Production and assembly of computers, electric, electronic, refrigeration equipment
- Beverage and foodstuff processing industry
- Production of handicrafts and jewelry
- Production of plastic-ware (except for plastic beads)
- Services supporting production and investment

Hoa Khanh Industrial zone

Location:Hoa Khanh Ward, Lien Chieu District, next to National Route 1A, 10km and 20 km east of Danang international Airport and Tien Sa Seaport respectively.

Total land area: 662 ha


- Power supply: available grid network of 35,000KWH, of which 15,000KWH is in use.
- Water supply: 15,000 m3/day
- A wastewater treatment plant is under construction
- Road system: Roads are arranged in a square shape. The average distance of routes is 300m. Road surface is 10.5-34m wide on average, suitable for operation of more than 20-ton container trucks and lorries
- Telecommunication system: The Hoa Khanh post office is located to the east of National Route 1A, linking to the modern telecommunication system of the city to meet all communication requirements of investors.

Industries calling for investment:

- Mechanical assembly industry
- Chemical and plastics industry, post petro-chemical products
- Agricultural and seafood processing industry
- Production of non-metallic products
- Paper and packaging industry
- Production and assembly of hi-tech equipment


Location: Hoa Hiep Ward, Lien Chieu District, 13km north of the Danang Airport, 25km east of Tien Sa seaport. Nearby National Route 1A, north-south railway and Lien Chieu seaport

Total land area: 373.5ha of which 98.5ha is for the first stage


- Power supply: 110KV/22KV transformer station with a capacity of 2 transformers x 40MVA and 22KV system
- Water supply: 15,000m3/day
- Asphalt road system of first grade, H=30 tons
- A waste treatment plant with a capacity of 5,000m3/ day is under construction.
- The communication system is available.

Industries calling for investment:

- Heavy industry
- Manufacturing industry
- Chemical industry
- Production of building materials

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