The business of doing business in Asia requires a sound business plan. Runckel & Associates assists companies interested in investing, manufacturing or starting factories or offices in Asia.   Our services are uniquely qualified as our staff has
lived and worked in Asia, speaks most of the languages and understands the law, culture and challenges of living and working throughout the region. Additionally,
we have major offices in China, Vietnam and Thailand and have the experienced people in place to ensure your job is done and done well. 


Runckel & Associates provide complete service from help in comparing multiple locations across Asia and throughout a particular country, developing business plans, advice on site selection, logistics, licenses and permits, and more.

    Costs and Other Comparisons
Costs and Comparison

Investment cost comparison for 5 countries in Asia: Comparing Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos
China and India
India and China: Looking below the surface to compare these two rising Asian business giants

China, India, South East Asia
Location, location, location:
Part I | Part II

Labor, Worker's Wages

Table of Comparison: Human Resource in Asia
Education, Training, Skills, Hiring, Firing

Workers Wages in Vietnam Rise to Meet Labor Demands

Salary Rises for Foreign Firm in China

Thai workforce: Engineers
How to get a Work Permit: Living and Working in Thailand on a Long Term Basis
Thai labor law
Thai court

Laos business law
Cost of doing business in Laos

Table of Tax Comparison:Taxes and mandatory contributions

Exchange Rate and Inflation

Table of Comparison: Inflation Rate
Table of Comparison: Exchange Rate

    Site Selection
Business Articles and Visit Journals:

Location, Location, location - comparing China, India, Thailand and Vietnam - Part I | Part II
  Picking the Right Industrial Park
  Opportunities for Success and Failure in Asia
  Why India and India's Challenges
  Why Thailand?
  The 2006 Coup in Thailand: A Business Assessment
  Why Cambodia?
  Road to Suvannakhet, Laos
 China: Targeted for FDI in Thailand
  Thai Firms to Invest in Vietnam
Our exclusive interview with the Mayor of Weihai
Our exclusive interview with H.E. Minister of Planing and Investment of Vietnam
Our exclusive interview with H.E. Ambassador of Laos to the U.S.
Our exclusive interview with Ravy Khek, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Cambodian Government
Presentation by Thailand Board of Investment Secretary General
Industrial Parks Information

Table Comparing Industrial Parks in Vietnam
  Industrial Parks/Economic Zones in:  IP in South Vietnam Near HCMC | IP in North Vietnam Near Hanoi | IP in Central Vietnam
  Map of Vietnam's Industrial and Export Processing Zone

  Industrial and Economic Zones in:  Weihai, Shandong | Taizhou, Zhejiang | Suzhou | Shenzhen
  Cost Comparison of China Enterprise Registered In EPZ & In State-Level Development Zone

  Complete List of Industrial Parks in Thailand
  Benefit of locating in Industrial Parks in Thailand
  Map of Thailand Investment Zones

  Laos Industrial Zones
  Laos Investment Incentives
  Laos only Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

    License and Registration
Company Registration:
in China |
in Thailand | in Vietnam | in Laos | in Cambodia | in India
Questions and Ansers on Investment Procedure in Thailand
Table of Comparison: Procedures and Time in Setting up Factories in Asia
Table of Comparison: Policy, Rules and Regulations in Asia Countries  Property Rights, Visa Requirements, Foreign ownership restrictions, Rules governing foreign direct investment

    Asia Sourcing
Part one: Asia Outsourcing: China, India and Southeast Asia as Sourcing Partners
Part two: more comparison
Sourcing 101: How to Help Companies Working with you on Sourcing Do a Better Job and Consequentially Save you Money
On Foreign Soil - Arm yourself with the information and advice you need for sourcing your product overseas so your effort doesn't get lost in translation,
  Sourcing Good Chinese Companies in the Shanghai China Region

Sourcing and Business Travel in China's Shanghai Delta Region

Buyers look toward China—but with a degree of caution One of the hesitancies: the difficulty in calculating the total cost of producing and shipping products to the U.S.
Seven Biggest Currency Earners in 2005 for Vietnam
Seven Impacts on Cambodia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO)
  A Business Assessment
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Runckel & Associates - Assisting EMBA Programs Worldwide
EMBA Program: Our program to Vietnam and China for Loyola Marymouth University (LMU) EMBA Program
EMBA Program: Our Program to India, China and Thailand for LMU EMBA Program: a Challenging Visit on Biotechnology in India, China and Thailand
EMBA Program: Our Program to Hong Kong and China, for University of Northeastern EMBA Program
EMBA Program: Our Program to Beijing, China, for University of Notre Dame EMBA Program
Business Group: on the ground supports and Consulting Services

   Asian Companies Directory
  List of Certified Companies in Thailand
  Export Companies List
  Biotechnology Companies in Thailand
  Vietnamese Companies List by Industrial Zones
  Vietnamese Export Directory
  Chinese Companies List - Weihai, China
List of Garment Companies
List of Non-Textile Companies - Wood, Seafood, Handicraft and more
List of Footwear Companies

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