Table of Investment Cost Comparison for
Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia and


Our proprietary-fee based 9 pages Table of costs summary and seven countries investment cost comparison is available, along with full-report for each country listed.  Please contact us for more information on price and timing. (please see sample table below)

China is steadily moving from the first choice for export-oriented businesses to more of a focus for companies seeking to enter the China consumer market.  China's days as the lowest-cost export base for a company are largely past, especially in the Eastern Seabord regions such as Guangdong province and the area around Shanghai.  These areas are becoming relatively higher in cost and as a consequence, many companies are looking to Southeast Asia. Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines can be very cost competitive locations to manufacture or locate a business. 

Although China is currently getting much more publicity, a close analysis of cost and other factors shows that Thailand is very competitive and generally exceeds China and even Vietnam which oftentimes is thought of as a low-cost option for some operations.  

When factors such as long term consistent government pro-business policies, rule of law, right to own land (as opposed to lease), mandated additional personnel benefits, tax incentives and quality of life for company executives sent to manage operation are factored in to the decision process, Thailand looks like a very good choice. 

Vietnam continues to be a top choice because of the work ethic of its people, the relatively low labor and other costs and because of highly attractive government incentives and an improving legal and business environment. 

Cambodia and Laos are more recently developing locations.  Cambodia in late 2007 started to get inceasing interest from agro-business companies and in 2008 also labor intensive industries disatisfied with rising cost in China and most recently concerned by the high rate of inflation in Vietnam.  Laos is the most recently developing and only has a limited number of industrial parks at this point but is already in 2008 starting to get interest from companies with agricultural related businesses, companies with a need for larger low-wage, low-skill workers and for companies supplying other operations in Vietnam or Thailand.

The Philippine’s has had a long association with the United States.  Filipinos are one of America’s largest Asian minorities.  Because most Filipinos have relatives in the U.S. and U.S. radio and TV are popular, Filipino’s often adopt U.S. consumer goods in advance of many of the other Asian economies. Additionally, Filipinos are known for their hard work and relatively high standard of education.  English is widely spoken and American business methods are widely understood.

Below are a sample partial summary of our report.  We update the information regularly and the detailed numbers are included in each of our country's report.  Contact us for more information.

Sample of Table of Cost Comparison

We update the information regularly and the detailed numbers are included in each of our country's report.
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Land cost
The highest

Second highest
land ownership
Total ownership
Lease Lease Lease
Plot coverage

Allow more building for same amount of land

 Building cost

The highest

The lowest


The highest in the region - much higher than others

Varied depending on location and IZ
10 year deduct as tax incorporate

Very low - the lowest

Not required Not required Not required
Not required
Sewage/waste water

Slightly higher than Vietnam
Varied depends on IZ
Varied depends on IZ
 Cost of Taxes

 Labor Costs

..More factors in full-report

Our country report covers factors such as:
land, building cost, utilities, taxes, labor, company registration, factory licensing, safety and security, etc

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