New Incentives from Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI)

Among priority activities of the BOI, 12 new items were added to the promotion list in 2009
, reported the BOI's Investment Review.

12 new items were added to the promotion list in 2009

- manufacture of seamless steel pipes or seamless stainless steel pipes
- manufacture of functional fibers
- manufacture of functional yarn
- manufacture of machinery, equipment and other parts
- manufacture of electronics products for industrial use
- manufacture of electronics products for agriculture
- manufacture of telecommunications equipment
- manufacture of parts or components used in manufacture of semiconductors, HDD or HDD parts
- manufacture of parts used for medical electronics products
- manufacture of parts used for agricultural electronics products
- manufacture of parts used for vehicle electronics parts
- manufacture of flexible printed circuit or multi-layer printed circuit boards


Tour boats and yacht renting, under tourism promotion category, also now received exemption on import duty on machinery and on corporate income tax for a period of five years. Activities that support tourism, such as convention halls and international exhibition centers, are exempt from import duty on machinery, regardless of zone and also are exempt from corporate income tax for five years in Zone 1, seven years in Zone 2 and eight years in Zone 3.

New List of Activities that are Eligible for BOI Promotion

The Board of Investment of Thailand added four new activities to the list of those that are eligible for BOI promotion.  The new list includes:

1) the production of nano materials or products from nano materials, which have been classified as being an activity of special importance and benefit to the country
2) the manufacture of musical instruments, which are eligible for zone based incentives
3) the manufacture of completely built up (CBU) houses, or completely knocked down (CKD) pre-ab units, which have been granted import duty exemption on machinery for investment in every zone
4) service industrial estates

The above are eligible for the same incentives that are accorded to industrial estates.

In September 2009, several additional activities were also added to the previous list of those considered to be of special importance and benefit to Thailand.

These include:
- the manufacture of machinery equipment and parts that come from engineering design
- manufacture of trains, electric trains or parts
- manufacture of media/platter for hard disk drives
- manufacture of flat panel displays
- the manufacture of material for micro-electronics


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