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 Government Webpage
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Ministry of Commerce
Most Asian countries have Ministries of Commerce which are the equivalent of the U.S. Department of Commerce.  These Ministries attempt to promote their countries products, attract investment and regulate business.  Generally most Asian countries seek investment and the opening of foreign manufacturing and other projects because it expands employment, increases trade and tax revenues.  You may want to use the Ministry to check the information you are getting from other sources and to contact as a source of further data.
Click here for the Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Industry
The U.S. does not have a Department of Industry but many Asian countries do.  These Ministries goal is to encourage local and foreign firms to establish factories in the host country.  If you are interested in manufacturing, you may want to contact them.  If your target country does not have a Ministry of Industry, their embassy in Washington, DC may be helpful in connecting you with the correct government offices in the target country.
Click here for the Korean Embassy in the US

Ministry of Agriculture
The U.S. government has a Department of Agriculture with offices around the nation.  Additionally, most States also have a State Agriculture office.  Agriculture production is central to virtually all Asian nations.  Most countries in Asia have a national Ministry of Agriculture.  This Ministry is a key source for data on agriculture production in the country, restrictions on agriculture operation and many other issues.  If your business idea involves Agriculture we recommend you contact both the U.S. Agricultural Attaché at the U.S. Embassy and also the target country Ministry of Agriculture to help you fully research your project.

Click here for the US Agricultural Trade Office in Korea

Click here for the Korean Ministry of Agriculture

Korea First Contacts

  Embassies in Korea
Embassies can be an ally in helping you: 

For Korean Exporter:  learn more about the market in those countries, research opportunities and act as a last resort in case of problems that need political support.
For Importer to Korea:  learn about  market in Korea through research and data collected. Seek for emergency help, etc. 

Click here for the country.

 Foreign Commercial Offices

The Korean embassy, same as other embassies, views promotion of trade and investment as major goals.  You should contact the Korean Embassy, for help researching your business plan.

Click here for the Korean Embassy in your country.

Chambers of Commerce
Most countries have Chambers of Commerce made up of member  companies doing business in Korea.  Typically large Chambers of Commerce have a hired staff person who acts as the Executive Director.  Smaller Chambers may have only a volunteer staff.  Chambers of Commerce often are good sources of information on the ease or difficulty in doing business in Korea.  Often times they can refer you to members who have detailed insight into set-up problems, the incidence of corruption or other challenges.

Click here for the Korean Chamber of Commerce

Click here for American Chamber of Commerce in Korea

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