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 Tips for Business in Korea
Business and Social Etiquette:

Useful Tips to help you succeed in dealing and cooperating with your counterparts in Korea

Making contacts
Business Meetings
Business Hours
Corporate Structure

Trade Associations
Need to know more about a business practice or business related subject, try the websites below:
Korean International Trade Association, click here
Korean Foreign Company Association, click here

Useful Business Tools
The web increasingly offers tools that you can use. These section can give you an edge over other business travelers:

International Business Information:

International Trade Resource
The International Trade / Import-export Portal is the official Web site of the Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA)

Shipping Guidelines:
Worldwide Freight Transportation Guide Provide information on shipping, export, import, Airlines, Airports, Forwarders, Moving & Warehousing, and more.

International Trade Law:
FindLaw - Comprehensive resource for legal information including international trade related law.

 Glossary of International Trade Terms
 Click on the alphabet group

A-C   |  D-F  | G-L  | M-R  | S-Z

 Data and Research

Economic Data and Research
In real estate, it is location, location and location. In Business it is research, research and more research.  Look at the data from these sites to research your opportunity.  Then analyze the data as part of your business or marketing plan:

Economic News, click here
International Monetary Fund (IMF), Korean page, click here
Investment Report for Korea, click here
Korean Official home page, click here
Korean Development Institute, click here
Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Trade Information, click here
Korean Commercial Guide pdf., click here
Korean National Statistics, click here
Korean Institute for International Economic Policy, click here
L G Economic Research Institute, click here
Marketing Report for Korea, click here
Samsung Economic Research Institute, click here
Trade Barriers database, click here
US Commercial Service Data, click here
US Embassy Reports on Korea, click here
World Bank, click here
For more data about business opportunities of the research specific issues, check these websites for more information: 

ASEAN Supporting Industry Database,   click here
APEC Tariff Database, click here
Korea Marketplace, click here
Korea Trade network, click here
Korean Legal Research Resources,       click here
Korean Trade Promotion Corporation,  click here
Ministry of Environment, click here
US-Asia Environmental Partnership,      click here
US Commercial Service-Korea, click here
US-Korea Committee on Business Cooperation, click here
US Foreign Agriculture Service-Korea,  click here

 Research on Companies

Dealing with a particular company and wanting to know more about them?  Need to find a company that maybe interested in your product?  Look at the directories here for information on your target companies. 

Company Directory:
Corporate Information, click here
Global Information Network, click here
Korea Inc., click here
Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, click here
Korean Yellow Pages, click here
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