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Interview with Mr. Michael Breen on his new book - Kim Jong-Il:  North Korea's Dear Leader Who he is, What he wants, What to do about him
..North Korea has been described by experts as the most dangerous country in the world.  Michael Breen provides in-depth look at the dark and secret Korea of Kim Jong-Il.


Most countires, except countries not recognised by South Korea (Cuba, Laos and Cambodia) - can stay in the country for 30 days without a visa. The visa extension last for about 90 days.

For more information about visa requirements, click here.
Visa/entry permit requirements, click here
For general visa information: click here
Information on visa requirements: click here
Visa Form (pdf) download: click here
In-depth Visa Application Procedure with detail instructions, click here
Brief Description of Tourist Visa, click here
US Department of State Information on Passports and Visas:
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Korea has four distinct seasons. There are monsoon, hot and wet in the summer.  The weather is very cold there in the weinter, especailly from Novermber to March.    The best itme to visit Korea is in the fall, which is September to November.  It is beautiful in the summer in Korea with sunshine days.

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Daily Trade News of Korea, click here
Joong-Ang Ilbo, click here
Korea Economic Daily, click here
Korea Herald, click here
Korea Times, click here
Korea Web Weekly, click here
News on, click here
Yonhap News Agency, click here

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World Trade Magazine
Far Eastern Economic Review
Financial Times
Asia Observer
Asia Times
Asia Business Watch

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