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Our Team


We have experienced English-speaking associates on the ground in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and other countries in the region


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Runckel & Associates areas of expertise:

On the Ground Support: We have experienced English-speaking associates on the ground in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and other countries in the region.  Most of these associates have been working with us for 6-8 years during which they have performed a wide variety of projects with us.  This gives you and your company experience, knowledge, a trusted partner and an advantage helping you in all aspects of your new endeavor in Asia. 
Creating a company in Asia - Corporate Establishment Service:  We cater to the needs of U.S., Canadian and European companies and Investors seeking to set up a company, branch or representative office in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and India or in other parts of Southeast Asia.  We provide complete service from help in comparing multiple locations across Asia and throughout a particular country, developing business plans, advice on market entry, company set-up plus assistance in locating and working with local and international professionals in tax, finance, shipping and other needed services.  Call us at 503-244-4551, you’ll then soon realize that our experience exceeds the rest.

Building and Operating a Successful Plant or Factory in Asia:  We are expert at assisting firms to help compare various locations in Asia such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India or other countries in terms of the incentives they offer for location of a factory or plant and the costs of doing business in that country.  Not every country is the right choice for every project.  Let us help ensure your selection takes into account all of the tax and other incentives that can help you reduce costs and increase profits.

Site Selection, Logistics, Licenses and Permits: for equipment and operations for manufacturing in Asia.  We regularly work with the major industrial parks, national business promotion agencies and local specialists on site selection, licenses and permits.  We therefore can simplify your data collection and help ensure that you are receiving the most accurate information and are not missing key facts or failing to consider important information that can make your project more profitable and more predictable in terms of its success.

Sourcing Products:  We are specialists in assisting companies seeking to produce products or to source products of all parts of Asia.  Our specialists in China, Vietnam, Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia can help you find the best company to produce and source your product.  They are expert in plastics, metal fabrication, household items, auto parts, electric and electronic equipment and parts plus many other industries.

Business Information collection: Information about enterprises throughout Asia; information collection on government and municipal policies, laws, current and historical business trends; and open profiles of various enterprises and key decision makers who can have an influence on the proposed project.

Visit facilitation and Corporate Security during visit: We can arrange all the travel and security requirements of your high-level business delegation. Meet your plane on arrival, arrange transportation and lodging for your visit, set up meetings with government and business contacts, provide security during your visit if required plus provide any follow-up investigation needs of you and your company.  Travel and transportation preparation and arrangement, translation and interpreters, briefings on local social customs and business etiquette.  We also routinely work with large group of business executives and are expert in EMBA, Executive incentive and other business trip facilitation.

Organize business seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and events overseas:  We routinely work with major Universities, companies and business associations to help them arrange their visits to Asia.  Call us to discuss your requirements.

Investment services: including investment feasibility analyses; business partners' credit and status reports; locating and recommending agent and joint venture partners for foreign companies; bank, accounting and legal services selection investigation and recommendations, comprehensive inquiry services.

Product Information including research on advertising effectiveness: New product market research; competitive market situation, market saturation and more.

Sales: Recommendations on options for sales and marketing in the target market

Due Diligence, Merger and Acquisition, Commercial Credit and status investigations, including: Company registration; analysis of corporate history; corporate structure; company background, key person information, information on executives; financial profiles; banking relationships; auditing advisor and controls, operating situation; staff size; range of products; facilities; profiles of subsidiaries and affiliates; current challenges, market capabilities and more.

Debt Investigation and Negotiation: Location of corporate debtors and initial negotiations on repayment of corporate debts.

Information and Asset Protection: Inquiries on trademark and patent registration; intellectual property protection; trademark and copyright investigation in cases of infringement or trademark imitation; and more.

Legal: Arranging local and International legal consultation services for both individuals and enterprises.

  E-commerce, Website design and promotions:  Runckel & Associates is the leader in designing websites and e-business marketing plan development for use in international markets.  Our designs reflect our understanding of the history, culture and people of the target countries.  Additionally, we are expert in ensuring websites are fully listed on major search engines, and that they gain wide media exposure in the overseas market.  

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Runckel & Associates - Assisting EMBA Programs Worldwide
Our Programs:

The future of the U.S. and the World lies in Asia.  China is now the fourth largest economy and the fastest growing major economy in the World.  It is now well established as the “factory to the World”.  Vietnam is the second fastest growing economy in Asia and the U.S. is now Vietnam’s largest trading partner.  Thailand is a regional hub for international business and Japan’s largest overseas investment location with some of the best supporting industries anywhere in Asia.  Because virtually all Asian countries have young populations and because these younger populations tend to spend more, Asia and an Asian business strategy is something that every company needs to think about and address.

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