Shenzhen is the production and research base as well as the commodities trade center of high-tech products such as computer and software, communication equipment, audio and visual products, optical electromechanical products, biomedical products and medical equipment. 

Shenzhen international Airport is the fourth largest one in mainland China. Shenzhen neighbors Hong Kong, with China's largest passenger land port-Luohu Port, the largest freight land port-Huanggang Port, as well as Wenjindu port and Shatoujiao port connected to Hong Kong .

Industrial Parks

Grand Industrial Area and Export Processing Zone

The planned area of the Municipal Grand Industrial Area is 174.4 square kilometers and the development area for the central zone is 38 square kilometers. It is a large-scale industrial base directly established and managed by the municipal government. The area focuses on hi-tech industries as well as industries involving advanced technologies and supporting tertiary industries, including finance, real estate, trade and services. In the park, four bases as electronic information, equipment manufacturing, automobile parts and export processing are planned.

Shenzhen Export Processing Zone is a special closed area supervised by the customs with the approval of the State Council. The Processing Area is located in the west part of phase-I development zone of the Grand Industrial Area, covering 3 square kilometers. The municipal government plans the Processing Area for one of key bases of foreign trade and earning of foreign exchange by export.

Hi-Tech Industrial Park

The total planned land area is 11.52 square kilometers. The area of land for hi-tech industry is 3.3 square kilometers. It encourages the development of integrated circuit, software development, electronic information, biotechnology, new material, optical electromechanical integration, higher education, scientific research and development and incubation of scientific and technological results.

Free Trade Free Areas

Shenzhen Futian, Shatoujiao and Yantian Port Bonded Areas are economic areas established after the approval of the State Council and supervised by the customs, to which special policies apply. Bonded areas have the functions of warehousing, logistics, production, processing, international trade and commodity exhibition.
Located in Shenzhen Futian Central District, Futian Bonded Area covers 1.35 square kilometers. Special passage directly leading to Hong Kong has been built. It focuses on developing hi-tech industries, modern logistics industry and international trade.
Located in Yantian District, Shatoujiao Bonded Area covers 0.27 square kilometers and focuses on the development of export processing of electrical and electronic control toys, gold and jewelry.

Located in Yantian Port Area, Yantian Port Bonded Area covers 0.85 square kilometers and focuses on developing modern logistics and entrepot trade with port as support.

Guangming High-tech Park

The planned land area for Guangming High-tech Park is 14.72 square kilometers, and it will be developed as a research and production base for electronic information, especially optical communication and optical electromechanical products, as well as biomedical base.

Industrial concentration base

1) Furniture industrial concentration base: The furniture industrial concentration base is located in Jinsha Village, Kengzi Town. Its planned area: 700,000 square meters. Currently over 20 enterprises have signed up for entering the base.

2) Garment industry concentration base: The garment industry concentration base is located within the planned land of Common Wealth, Dalang Village, Longhua Town, Bao'an District. The total area is 1.28 million square meters, and the phase-I project covers 1.04 million square meters.

3) Underwear industry concentration base: Underwear industry concentration base is located in Heshuikou Village, Citianpu, Gongming Town, Baoan District. The base will be planned and constructed in two phases. Phase-I project covers 1.519 square kilometers and has been completed. The planned area of phase-2 project is 1.26 square kilometers.

4) Mould industry concentration base: Mould industry concentration base is located in Tianliao Village, Yulu. Its planned area is 1.53 square kilometers.

5) Gold and jewel industry concentration base: Gold and jewelry industry concentration base is located in Shuibei Wanshan Industrial Area, Luohu District. Its total area reaches 0.567 million square meters. About 300 gold and jewelry manufacturing enterprises have gathered in this area. R&D center, product testing center, training institutions and quality inspection center will bet set up in the area. International Jewelry Trading Center in the area has been built up and started business.

6) Home appliance industry concentration base: The home appliance industry concentration base is located in Biji Town, Longgang District, and the planned area is 3.12 million square meters. Currently Stage I has been commenced, and about 150 home appliance manufacturers have settled in the area. In the base, research and test center and training institutions will be established.


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