Manufacturing in Taizhou, China

Taizhou is one of the key manufacture bases of Zhejiang. Taizhou is located in the middle part of Zhejiang coastal area and on the southern wing of shanghai Economic Zone, bordering Ningbo and Hanzhou on the north. 

Top 10 Pillar Industries in Taizhou: vehicle fittings, medicinal chemicals, plastics and dies, household appliances, clothing machines, pumps and valves, craftworks and gifts, foodstuff processing, footwear, caps and apparels, electric power

Taizhou is the largest production base of motorcycles and automobile accessories, largest production and export base for chemical raw materials medicaments, dress machinery, plastic molds in China. 

Picture from left: Leo Chen - Officer of Taizhou International Investment Promotion Center, Chris Runckel - President of Runckel & Associates (,  Jeff Bailey - General Manager of Max Packaging, Jin Yujia - Director of Foreign Investment Service of Taizhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, David McFarland - Vice President of Max Packaging , and Chen Weilin - Vice-Director of the Government Information Office of Taizhou and Director of China Taizhou Internet Information Center

The goal of Taizhou in building manufacture bases is: to build top 10 national-level bases of industrial products and the largest electric power base of East China via efforts of 5 years.

Land of Economy Cars - to be the major producing base of motors and fittings in China, capable to annually produce 0.3 million cars of three series, such as two- and three-trunk cars and sports cars and to win 10% of domestic market share.

Land of Motorcycles - to be the largest producing base of motorcycles and fittings at home, with annual production scale of 2.00 million motorcycles and domestic market share above 10%.

Land of Medicine - to be the producing and export base of material drugs as well as the “Medicinal Valley” of the Asia-Pacific region, with annual sales revenue of RMB 40.00 billion.

Land of Sewing Machines - to be the largest production-export base of apparel machines at home, with 50% of global market share in industrial sewing machines and 10% of global market share in household sewing machines, of which annual output in 2003 topped 2.0 million, annual sale value RMB 12.0 billion and foreign currency earning through export USD 600 million.

Land of Molds - to be the largest mold manufacturing center of China, with advanced equipment and technology, of which export volume accounts for about 20% of that of the country.

Land of Plastics - to be the trading center of plastic materials and products at home as well as the R&D center of plastics in China, with annual output value of RMB 50.0 billion and material consumption accounting for 1/6 of that of the country.

Land of Household Appliances - to be the shopping center of household appliances for international chain trading groups, with annual sale revenue of RMB 60.00 billion, which headed China in market share of cookers, refrigerators, semiconductor ice-boxes, air-conditioners and etc.

Land of Valves and Pumps - to be the production and shopping base of fluid machines such as hot water heating fittings, pumps and air compressors, with 5% of world market share.

Land of Handicrafts and Furniture - to be the production base of handicrafts and furniture at home, with annual output value of RMB 70.00 billion and via-export foreign currency earning of USD 1,000 million.

Land of Canned Fruits and Vegetables - to be the largest processing base of canned food at home, with over 30% of world market share for canned orange.

Land of Footwear, Caps and Apparels - to cultivate industrially leading enterprises and famed brands.

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