Business  Guideline: Thailand



 Cost of Doing Business in Thailand
1. Visa: Work permit (new), One year visa, Re-entry visa
2. Registration: Company registration, Branch office, Alien business license, Factory license
3. Accounting: Tax returns and VAT, Translation, Review/draft contracts, agreements 
4. Office achieved rents
5. Selected Salaries - Position Monthly costs
6. Labor Costs   Entry-level salaries,  Minimum daily wage, Overtime regulations, Severance payment entitlements
7. Tax Rates: Corporate income tax, Personal income tax, Tax on income from bank deposits, Value added tax, Excise tax rates, Structure of import tariffs
9. Fuel Costs and Air, Sea, Rail and Road Freight Costs
10. Air Fares
11. Utility Costs: Water rates , Electricity rates
12. Communication Costs: Telephone facilities, Cellular mobile phone system, International voice leased circuit, Facsimile machines, Telex facilities, International and domestic, telephone rates, Internet rates
13. Costs of Living in Bangkok:  Apartment rentals, Health insurance,  Miscellaneous

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