The companies listed below are major companies that have achieved ISO certification.  Although ISO certification is not, or should not be viewed, as an end in itself and it must be realized that there are good and bad ISO companies as well as good and bad non-ISO companies, the fact that a company has expended the effort to achieve ISO status is an indicator of a companies commitment to serving  its customers and competing with its competitors.  
        We suggest utilzing this Directory as a first step in building a list of potential suppliers, licensees or business partners.  More research is then required to determine the current financial conditions and overall business status of the company.  Much of this initially can be developed through contact with the company by letter, e-mail or by research of their website which usually can be located, if it exists, through major search engines.  Runckel & Associates can and does provide more detailed research and consulting on opportunities in Thailand and on specific companies through our Associates in Thailand or through the work of our principals who have lived, worked and even been educated in Thailand and who speak the language and fully understand its culture.

Industrial Sector : Casting of metals
Company Scope of certification
Kulthorn Kirby Foundry Co., Ltd.
1 mu 22 Suvintawong Rd, T.Saladang, A.Bangnumpeaw, Chachoengsao 24000; Tel 038 593016-9; Fax 593015
Manufacture of grey cast iron and ductile iron for hermetic compressor, automobile and machinery industries
Chachoengsao Casting Work Co., Ltd.
42/2 mu 1, Suwinthawong Road, Klongudomcholjorn, Muang, Chachoengsao; tel 038 593310-5; fax 038 593316
Manufacture of gray cast iron parts for refrigerator compressor
Decho Mould & Die-Casting Co., Ltd.
99 Moo8 Watsri-Oon-Nuch Rd., Bangchalong, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540; tel 3371281-8; fax 3371280, 3371289; e-mail : DECHO@DMD-GROUP.COM
Manufacture of die-cast aluminium components
Tostem Thai Co., Ltd.
60/2 Nawanakhon Zone 2, Pathum Thani 12120; tel 5290473, 5290598; fax 5290473
Casting, extrusion, coating of aluminium products and production of aluminium sash and associated windows and door components
The Siam Nawaloha Foundry Co., Ltd.
1 mu 9 Patpong road, Ban Mo, Saraburi; tel 036 281153; fax 281255
Design, development and manufacture of casting pattern, manufacture of iron casting and alloy steel casting
The Nawaloha Industry Co., Ltd.
19 mu 3 Suwannason Rd, Bualoy, Nong Khae, Saraburi
Manufacture of iron casting
Bangkok Magnet Corporation Co., Ltd.
38/8 Moo5, T. Tungsukhla, A. Sriracha, Chonburi 20230; tel (038) 491960-7; fax (038) 490216-7
Manufacture of cast magnets
Bangkok Komatsu Industries Co., Ltd.
700/25 mu 6 Amata Nakorn Indus. Estate, Sukhumvit Rd, Km.57, Nongmaidaeng Sub-District, Muang District, Chonburi 20000; Tel 038 213055-8; Fax 213059
Manufacture of casting parts
Yamamoto Foundry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Saha Rattana Nakorn Industrial Estate, 124/1 Moo4, Bangprakru, Nakornluang, Ayutthaya 13260; tel (035) 716540-1; fax (035) 716542
Manufacture of iron casting products

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