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Vietnam’s textile and garment industry has been relying heavily on imports, as 95% of the demand for cotton fiber and 70% of the demand for general fiber must be fed by imports. The government has tried to solve the problems by building three industrial zones specifically designed to knit and dye fabrics in Vietnam, reported Vietnam News  The three centers provide materials for garment and textile companies in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City and supply their production to surrounding areas.

Le Quoc An, Chairman of the Viet Nam Garment and Textile Association, said to the paper that  a 16-hectare center in the province's Di An District, some 25 kilometers from HCMC, is the country's leading wholesale market for footwear and apparel materials. It is expected to house hundreds of local and foreign suppliers of textile-garment and footwear materials. Some 12,000 square meters of the center is used for displaying goods and 25,000 square meters for warehouse services. Besides diversified distribution systems, the center sells materials at reasonable prices.  The second phase of the project with the investment capital of US$8 million will set up a complex with a plus 10-story building including hotel and offices for lease, as well as exhibition and seminar centers. The center will also provide supporting services including banking and customs. In addition, the center offers trade promotion activities and builds up trademarks among local suppliers.
The center's location, near industrial parks such as the Vietnam-Singapore (VSIP), Song Than, Dong An, and An Phu with more than 900 companies, is an advantage because most of them rely on outsourcing contracts for export and must import 70-80% materials.  The new center will help to facilitate supply of raw materials.

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