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  Plastics Industry: Rapid Growth and Much Future Promise
  Furniture Industry:
- Vietnam Fast Growing of Wood Processing Industry
- Vietnam Rising in the Global Furniture Market
- Vietnam's Woodwork Exports
  Handicraft Industry: Handicraft Industry in Vietnam
  ICT Industry: “Taking-off strategy” - Does it stepping up the development of the ICT industry in Vietnam?
  Software Industry: Software Industry in Vietnam - Still Small but with a big future
  Telecommunication Industry: Update on Telecommunication Industry in Vietnam
  SMEs: Vietnam Welcomes Small and Medium Size Foreign Investors
  Automotive: Automobile Industry in Vietnam Pre-WTO
  Eco-Tourism: Future for Eco-Tourism in Vietnam
  Footwear:  Vietnam Shoe Exports Expect Increase in 2008
  Education and Training: Vietnam Human Resource - Education and Training -Tools to Tune up Economic Engine

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