Investor Spotlight:  Why Thailand?

Source: BOI Investment Review
Table by: Runckel & Associates

The content of the table below was retrieved from multiple interviews featured in The Thailand Board of Investment 's monthly Investment Review Newsletter.




Why Thailand?

ANCA Pty Limited


Design and manufacture high technology computer numerical controls (CNCs) for the machine tool and metal-based industries

- Long term investment incentives offered by BOI

- Long history of stability

- Culture of openness, honesty and respect

- Hard working and knowledgeable workforce

- Excellent infrastructure

- Government that warmly and openly encouraged overseas investment

Blue Scope Steel (Thailand)


Manufacturers and suppliers of metallic coated and painted flat steel products

- Pre-engineered building manufacturing facility was approved by the Board of Investment (BOI)

- Operations to local market and hire local workforce

PURAC Thailand


Manufacturer of organic acids

- Receiving promotion privileges from the Board of Investment

- The long-term prospects for success in the country and its competitive cost basis

- Close to the raw materials

- Reduces costs from logistics


Delphi Health Services, Ltd.


Biotech firm, specializing on  bioinformatics and molecular biology, located in the Thailand Science Park

Also assists biotechnology companies seeking to establish a manufacturing, research or processing facility in Thailand; individual labs for industry or academy.

- Thailand’s highly trained but inexpensive technicians with contract biotechnology services

- As a destination for biotechnology outsourcing, Thailand combines the best of China and India while avoiding many of the problems that plague both.  Thailand has a surplus of skilled and experienced technicians at less than a quarter the cost of the United States, while avoiding the labor shortages and turnover of India or the rampant theft of intellectual property in China.  Further, the Thai government offers an unbeatable set of incentives, including an eight year full tax holiday and 50% for another five years.  Thailand is also renowned as an excellent hub for firms looking to expand their market opportunities into Asia, providing services to Japan, China and India.

- Good infrastructure

Betagro Science Center Co., Ltd


Producing and processing fresh and frozen chicken, pigs including boars, sows and hogs that are free from specific diseases

Laboratory services, including biological, chemical, pathological testing analysis, virus and serum inspection to monitor the quality of feed, animal health products and food products

- The management team of Betagro foresaw that the trading business would not grow well in the market without new investment into the research area, prompting Betagro group to pay attention to investments in research within the Thailand Science Park.

- Biotechnology offers a possibility to achieve increased productivity and Thailand has sufficient personnel to develop this sector.

The Grampian Food Group U.K.


Chicken processor and one of the largest chicken meat exporters

- Availability of low-cost skilled labor

- Thailand existing status as a lead exporting country in poultry

- The promotion incentives that were offered by the Board of Investment, including corporate tax exemption benefits, which have helped during the initial phase of the investment

- Good location in Asia, good infrastructure

AgriSource Company Limited


Food and agriculture consulting business, crop research services and marketing


- Good natural location

- Diversity of food and agriculture production

- Investment promotion privileges by the Board of Investment



Petrochemicals industry; Polystyrine plant, Styrene-Butadiene Latex plant, Polyurethane plant, Styrene and Ethyl Benzene plant, Polyethylene plant


- BOI Promoted

- The development of Map Ta Phut, the rapid growth of the Thai economy, and the transformation of the Thai economy from agrarian to industrial, presented Dow and Siam Cement with the opportunity to expand their collaboration.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Production of gypsum, abrasives, ceramics, plastics, construction material and automotive glass

- Extensive production automobile facilities in Eastern Seaboard

- BOI promotion program

Katoen Natie SembCorp (Thailand) Ltd. (KNS)


Third-party logistics provider (3PLs) which provides outsourced services to clients, both on their sites and on off site.

- KNS worldwide growth

- Opportunity to support their clients in Asia

- KNS has focused its business in Thailand and Singapore

- Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate is one of the largest petrochemical centers in the world

- Growth of domestic customer

- Cost reduction for business (logistics costs in Thailand are about 15 percent of gross domestic product)



Operate an overhaul and repair facility for engine thrust reversers that are installed on General Electric jet engines

- Thailand is a potential new hub of aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and repair work.

- The rapid growth of the airline industry in Asia

- Tax holiday

Ajinomoto Company, (Thailand) Ltd.


Manufacturer of monosodium glutamate (MSG)

- Domestic demand

- Source of raw materials

- A peaceful and politically stable country

- BOI was offering corporate tax incentives and exemptions on the import duty of machinery

Technicolor (Thailand) Ltd.


Producers of commercial advertising and documentary films, offers state-of-the-art technology in sound and video services

- Thailand is a very cost-effective place in which to do business.

- BOI promoted status, import technical equipment and raw materials on a duty-free basis

- Ability to own the land on which its facility is situated

Mustang Technologies Co., Ltd. (MT)


Outsourcing low-cost software development and marry them with the end users.


- Low labor cost

- BOI investment privileges

- BOI offered ongoing services, the One Stop Visa/ Work Permit Center

- Thailand attractiveness as a tourist destination

- Favorable climate, quality of life

- Government support of the IT industry

- Ability to attract an international pool of professionals

General Motors (Thailand) Ltd.


Car manufacturer

- First arrived here in the 1970s.  In 1996, Thailand was selected as GM's regional manufacturing site and construction of its state-of-the-art assembly plant began in Rayong's Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate just over 100 km southeast of Bangkok.

- Realizing the importance of the pickup in gaining a greater domestic market share, GM began manufacturing a one-ton pickup truck in 2003, designed under an agreement with Isuzu. The following year it introduced the Chevrolet Colorado, the first Thai-built American one-ton pickup especially for the domestic market.

- The one-ton pickups account for around 60% of Thailand's total automotive sales, against only 40% of total passenger car sales in Thailand.

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