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Our exclusive interview with Mayer of Weihai:

Weihai is in Shandong province of China and is located on the east end of Shandong Peninsula. Being on the same latitude as San Francisco in the United States, Weihai is surrounded by sea on three sides, facing Liaoning Penisula to the north and the Korean Peninsula and the Japan Islands to the east. It is the “doorway” to Beijing and Tianjin, thus bearing the name of “coastal front of China”. 

Weihai has a population of 2.5 million and a total area of 5400 square kilometers. As one of the most developed areas in north China, Weihai achieved a GDP of $8 billion  and GDP per capita of  $3,070 in 2001, which was the highest in Shandong Province and the same as that of Beijing.

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There are four major industries in Weihai:

1. Marine aquaculture and fishery:  Weihai is China’s largest base for marine aquaculture and fishery.  This accounts for 25% of the City’s GDP.

2. Industrial and agricultural manufacturing:  There are more than 10,000 small and medium sized companies that are engaged in industrial and agricultural manufacturing. Weihai is the largest manufacturing base for products such as tires, auto crankshafts, carpets, fishing tackle and carpenter machinery. In addition, Weihai is well known for manufacturing high-speed fax, printing machines, fiber-optical cable, polymer medical appliances, airport equipment, leather shoes, agricultural vehicles and fruit processing.

3. Tourism:  Wehai is known throughout China as one of China’s premier tourist cities.   Weihai has a lot of scenic spots and historical sites and received about 8 million tourists in 2002.  It is extremely popular for tourism during summer time and boasts huge potential for tourism development.

4. Imports and exports:  Weihai is one of the earliest trade ports in northern China. It has linking shipping service with major ports in northern China such as Tianjin, Qingdao and Dalian Ports. Additionally, Weihai has cargo and passenger ship service internationally to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

Why Weihai?

1)  Livability, clean and beautiful environment, golfing (Weihai has four of these) and other recreational sports near beaches.
2)  Close to the developed economies and markets such as Japan and South Korea in North Asia
3)  International ports, convenient marine transportation and convenient air access via two neighboring airports

4)  Two well-known Chinese universities have two huge campuses near beaches, providing talents and trained professionals,
5)  Well trained leaders at the municipal government. The city has several leaders who have studied or worked in North America.

Weihai is a "livable" China city because:

Investment Environment:

There are also three state-level development zones:

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