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And The Opportunities Vietnam Offers For U.S. Educational Institutions

Chris Runckel visited Philadelphia to promote better understanding of Vietnam, the Vietnam education system and the education opportunities it offers for Philadelphia universities and colleges.  Runckel & Associates works extensively in Vietnam and throughout Asia in linking U.S. and Asian education and in supporting U.S. educational institutions in terms of their Asian programs. >> read more...

Rider University's 2010 International Collaborative Service Learning Program with Vietnam University and Microcredit Fund Project in Vietnam

Education and the system of higher learning and technical schools is very important to business as it provides the trained workers and also a system to transfer skills and train new employees needed in a modern business society.  

Basically there are two broad grouping of educational institutions in Vietnam; the traditional mono-disciplinary or specialized institution and the multi-disciplinary university.tinued economic prospects in the coming decades.
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The first university in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University,  was established in 1917.  This was done by bringing together the School of Civil Servants, the Royal Medical College and the Engineering School.  In the time since this fairly early start for the region, higher education in Thailand has grown considerably.  As of July, 2008, there were 164 higher education institutions under the supervision of the Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education.  Of these 164 institutions, 78 were public, 67 were private and 19 were cmmunity colleges. 
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Largest Universities, Other Public Universities, Semi-private Universities, Private Universities, Foreign Universities >> read more...

  Our company is currently working on a yearly scholarship for Vietnam’s disabled in cooperation with DRD-Vietnam and U.S. Universities which we would welcome support on. >> read more...

Runckel & Associates - Assisting EMBA Programs Worldwide

Our study tour is designed for business schools, EMBA students and business executives with a view to provide understanding of Asian business culture, business organization and management in an Asian context. Our previous trip arrangements for: University of Notre Dame, Northeastern University, Loyola Marymouth Universit, Rider University and more.

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