Right-cost, not low-cost sourcing
The global world of sourcing - Creating the right relationships
Source: from Expand› DKSH’s magazine for Market Expansion Services, Issue 01 May 2011 -
...Chris Runckel, President of US-based Runckel and Associates, a consulting firm, explains: “The most common mistake companies make is to chase low prices. If you focus only on price, you often miss other potential costs.”  Many of these other potential costs stem from quality issues, says Runckel. While companies can save money initially by using lower-cost suppliers, they must often pay more to remedy problems when those suppliers are unable to meet quality requirements. In such situations, companies not only face the direct costs associated with replacing faulty products but also the potential damage to their reputations if the products reach their customers...

Saigon Times and Television News in Vietnam:
U.S. Expert Instructs Vietnamese Educational Organizations
on U.S. College Recruitment

...Christopher Runckel, president of the U.S.-based Runckel & Associates international business consulting firm, has a discussion with representatives from Vietnam-based universities and educational organizations on overseas recruitment strategies of educational institutions in the U.S.   Runckel mentioned the educational differences between Vietnam and America.

From American Shipper: Vietnam on the Verge - Like many burgeioning Asian powers, infrastructure is a hindrance to Vietnam's growth, but there's a big upside once the ports and the roads are built.
“In terms of a comparison, infrastructure with all its problems in Vietnam is still generally better than in India and in terms of general orientation the Vietnamese government is moving more like China than India in improving its ports," said Christopher Runckel.

From PortStrategy Online - insight for port executives: Breathing fire - There's still life in China's port dragon
...Christopher Runckel, of Runckel Associates, says quite bluntly, that since these coastal industries are crucial components of China’s overall system, accounting for around 40% of the gross domestic product, "the government can not allow them to fail".

new city
Bangkok Post news: Published: 08/01/2009, Asia Focus section
A CHANCE TO BUILD A CITY - Vietnam seeks qualified and serious investors to help create Binh Duong New City,
 which will be home to one million people in 10-15 years
"Vietnam 10 years ago was a very hard sell, but today it is relatively very easy," he said, adding that the young population base and the diligent workforce made the country among the top choices...

Bangkok Post news: Published: 07/18/2009, Asia Focus section
VIETNAM'S RISING STAR: Binh Duong province offers the advantage of proximity to Ho Chi Minh City but lower costs 

Chris Runckel interview on India

Chemical Industry News & Intelligence: Recession likely to hurt China more than India

"The depth of Indian experience.. will give it increasing edge", said Christopher Runckel, president, Runckel & Associates.

Chris Runckel - Asia outsourcing Pro
From BusinessWeek: Outsourcing Advice from the Pros
Christopher Runckel - President of Runckel & Associates in Portland, Oregon

‘"Do your due diligence. That involves checking with other clients and a visit to the [outsourcer's] plant. The visit needs to provide an understanding of production, quality control, suppliers and manufacturing conditions. And you have to sit down with your producer and think through all of the flow and production."

Chris Runckel on China Daily

From China Daily: Textile Merchants See No End to Slump

"When it is noted that these increases were achieved in a market where market demand sunk quickly in the final six months of the year, I believe the increases are noteworthy," said Runckel. "However, I see this very lack of demand that became most pronounced in the latter half of 2008 as continuing into 2009 and being the factor in holding down anything more than modest, single-digit increases in China's textile and garment exports to the US in 2009."

Chris Runckel on BusinessWeek
From BusinessWeek: China: More Welcoming Than Ever to Small Companies - Higher labor costs and slumping demand put pressure on Chinese factories

‘‘Chris Runckel, a Portland (Ore.) consultant, has worked on four deals in which small U.S. companies took stakes in their struggling Chinese manufacturing partners. "Many Chinese manufacturers are not well capitalized," he says. "They are being pressured by this [past] Christmas season and cutbacks in orders."

From The Bangkok Post Newspaper's ASIA FOCUS Section: Potential in Changing Time  - Report on a seminar entitled "Business Opportunities in Vietnam", in Bangkok, Thailand
‘‘The Vietnamese government’s probusiness policies, its continued improvement of the legal and business environment and the work ethic of the people there are cited as among the most positive attributes by investors,’’ Runckel said. Government stability has been a constant in Vietnam at a time when neighbours including Thailand continue to remain mired in internal strife.

From Vietnam News:
Thai Firms to Invest More in Vietnam
Viet Nam is still ripe for business and investment opportunities despite the global economic crisis, a recent seminar held in Bangkok heard..

From Business Now Asia Pacific Radio: Based in Australia, Business Now Asia Pacific Radio ( a weekly 30 min online program featuring reports and original analysis on the Asia Pacific region

An Interview with Chris Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates ( on Vietnam is a sound alternative to China for those looking at Asia for their investmentListen to the show

An Interview with Chris Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates on our latest article available on explores differences between India and China as economic superpowers. While China has much attention, his contention is that India shouldn't be neglected - things are changing there and India should be on every businessperson's radar. Listen to the show


- Interview Runckel & Associates
-  Wire Journal International Magazine, August 2007

China has become the factory to the world. Will this affect companies that are increasingly dependent on outsourcing from China? Are supplier prices destined to rise soon? ..
Are there other factors that could affect manufacturing prices in China?  and more..

From Plastic News: China’s Export Subsidy Cutback Brings Uncertainty

Runckel said Vietnam and India “may well be beneficiaries of this. At least in our experience, Vietnam is getting a lot of consideration from companies wanting to site a new factory, much more so than last year, which was also a good year for Vietnam.”

From Business Now Asia Pacific Radio ( 
A recent article featured on says Biotech is considered the next IT, which fortunes to be made and every major economy in Asia rushing to establish itself as a major player and prime destination for foreign investment. 
Chris Runckel from discusses this article and the opportunities throughout the region.

From Public Broadcasting Service (PBS): American Public Media
Monday, June 18, 2007
Vietnam comes looking for U.S. business
Vietnam's president starts a six-day U.S. visit this week. Chris Runckel of the U.S.-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce talked with Kai Ryssdal about the issues on the agenda: trade and attracting American business.
Listen to the show or read the interview texts

From Business Now Asia Pacific Radio: Based in Australia, Business Now Asia Pacific Radio ( a weekly 30 min online program featuring reports and original analysis on the Asia Pacific region enabling business professionals to stay on top of the politics, economics, companies and opportunities driving growth.
- An Interview with Chris Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates ( on Doing Business in Asia.
Listen to the show


From Industry Week:  Strategic Sourcing: Hitting A Moving Target - When sourcing from Asia and the Pacific, manufacturers need to constantly keep on top of who does what well. 

"Global sourcing dynamics are also always changing and a good source today may not be so good six months from now," observes Christopher W. Runckel, founder of Runckel & Associates, a Portland, Ore.-based consulting company that helps businesses expand in Asia.

magazine cover

Unleash the Force: Vietnam is a sound alternative to China for those looking at Asia for their investment, writes Mr. Christopher Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates

This article was published in The Vietnam Economic Times: Supplement October 2006. In association with the Press & Information Department (MOFA).  Special edition for APEC Vietnam 2006.

Runckel & Associates arranged for Vietnamese Delegation to Oregon, USA. - News on the Oregonian's Business frontpage, Global Trade - A delegation visits Portland just as the nation is to join the World Trade Organization

Mr. Chris Runckel's quotation in the Forbes Magazine - Asia's article entitled: Vikrom's Vision - On The Cover/Top Stories

- The Forbes Magazine, 07.24.06

..."the Japanese are risk-averse," says Christopher Runckel, president of consulting firm Runckel & Associates, which helps businesses invest in Asia. "They would readily pull back if they thought Thailand was not a safe place to invest."..

 Mr. Runckel's quotation in The Oregonian's article entitled: U.S. may keep doors open to Vietnam trade: Legislation - Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., proposes giving Hanoi permanent status that may curb U.S. reliance on China
The Oregonian, June 26, 2006

..Besides the cost considerations, Runckel said, relying mostly on one nation carries risks.  "Nobody wants to be dependent on only one supplier or one area, in case of a natural disaster, a hurricane, an earthquake, a political situation, or even in case of a trade dispute," he said....




 Vietnam Economic Times, May 2006 - by Chris Runckel

" Hanoi is now heading into summer and is even more colorful than normal as flags, banners and propaganda posters line the streets. This year witnesses Vietnam completing and reviewing 20 years of "doi moi"...



Vietnam Economic Times, February 2006

- By Christopher Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates (



 Asia Focus - Location, location, location: Asian comparison

by Christopher Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates, in Wire Journal International MagazineMost companies looking to open a factory in Asia tell us that they are interested in China and/or to a smaller extent India, a very few companies approach us initially about siting projects in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand or Vietnam. All would be better served if they looked at the options and weighed the benefits and risks, something that admittedly can be a challenge.

Thuong Hieu Viet Magazine in Vietnam Interviewed Mr. Christopher Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates ( - in Vietnamese language

Published October 12, 2005, Thuong Hieu Viet Magazine, Vietnam



 History in the making: US-VIETNAM RELATIONS - Where are we now?

in Vietnam Economic Times, USA - VIETNAM 10™ YEAR COMMEMORATION, June 2005

By Christopher W. Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates

Mr. Chris Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates and a former US senior diplomat to Vietnam, looks at trade ties between the two countries.


Asia Outsourcing: China, India and Southeast Asia as Sourcing Partners

by Christopher Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates, in Wire Journal International Magazine

and more..

wire Journal managazine
Interview Mr. Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates ( in Wire Journal International MagazineHow can a company determine whether it would benefit by either manufacturing or entering a joint venture in Asia?;

Where could a company most easily go wrong trying to pursue "an Asian strategy"? 

and more..

Mr. Runckel's quotation in article entitled: Chinese Dragon, Hidden Treasure:
While the twenty-first century’s biggest market beckons, heed the old saying (slightly modified) caveat venditor - let the seller beware - because selling in China can be a risky business,

Interview Mr. Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates
in Rainmakers Column of Portland Monthly Magazine by Ted Katauskas, 
 Research assistance by John Draper

Mr. Runckel's quotation in article entitled: A Commercial Code in Transition  in  Vietnamese Nha Magazine, by Joseph Holf, Business & Finance, Nha Magazine, July 2005


Interview in The Entrepreneur
Mr. Runckel's quotation in article entitled: On Foreign Soil - Arm yourself with the information and advice you need for sourcing your product overseas so your effort doesn't get lost in translation, The Entrepreneur Magazine, June 2005.

Vietnam Economic Times
 Mr. Runckel's quotation in article entitled:  History in the Making, Vietnam Economic Times, June 2005.

Busines Journal Magazine
Opportunities for Success and Failure in Asia
An article by Christopher W. Runckel - President and CEO of
Runckel & Associates, a parent company of, in The Business Journal Magazine, In Depth Small Business Section, January 7, 2005 print edition.

(Online source:
Vietnam Business Journal
An Article entitled Ten Years On by Christopher W. Runckel - President and CEO of Runckel & Associates, a parent company of,  in Vietnam Economic Times, May 2005


vietnam mews

Quotation from Mr. Runckel's speech at the Vietnam Expo 2005:  from Thanh Niem News, a leading English language newspaper in Vietnam
April 8, 2005

An inverview with Mr. Runckel in Dau Tu newspaper, Vietnamese language investment newspaper in Vietnam  April 8, 2005 (in Vietnamese language).
cbs news

An inverview with Mr. Runckel on CBS Evening News, a leading U.S. National Television, on 30 Years Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon.

On Air: April 30, 2005.

Mr. Runckel's quotation in The Purchasing Magazines, Global Sourcing Section, article entitiled Buyers look toward China—but with a degree of caution One of the hesitancies: the difficulty in calculating the total cost of producing and shipping products to the U.S.,

Mr. Runckel's quotation in The Inbound Logistics, article entitled China: The Dragon Awakens, October, 2004, by April Terreri

An inverview with Mr. Runckel by Weekender, Japan's Forum for Foreigners (since 1970), "Vietnam in Focus"

Mr. Runckel's quotation in Sepa como negociar con empresarios chinos - 10/08/2004 (quotes of Mr. Runckel's in Spanish language)

china daily China Daily, China
Artist draws inspiration from Life:
Businesswoman with love of Asia takes Eastern Painting West
- By Hu Qihua, China Daily staff

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